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Welcome to the Game Retailers Association web site. The Game Retailers Association (GRA) is organization of brick and mortar game retail stores working together to forge a strong game market and vibrant local communities. The GRA is a new association undergoing its formation process presently. We have 62 members presently representing approximately 73 retail stores. We expect membership to grow tenfold as the GRA moves through its formation process and assumes its mission.

Our Mission: (Provisionary)
The Game Retailers Association (GRA) is a volunteer group of independent game retailers working to advocate for and curate sustainable, profitable and mutually beneficial business practices and programs for it's members and supply chain partners. The GRA seeks to engage with industry partners on important issues, enhance the public image of game retailers through education and exchange of best practices and support local game communities.

Pardon the random links going to nowhere. The GRA website is still being built and will improve rapidly.

Bylaws Vote:

The next step in the GRA formation is the vote for the association Bylaws. We have one draft up for consideration presently. The vote for this Bylaws draft will either be a Yes or No vote. Prior to the vote beginning, we encourage members to share their thoughts and concerns regarding this draft. The draft as presently may change based on those discussions any time up to the start of the vote. It is important to emphasize the imortance of the bylaws, as these will be the structure the organization operates under.
The current draft can be found here: Bylaws Draft

Voting begins Tuesday Sept 6th, 2am EST and will end on Friday Sept 9th, 11pm EST.

Voting for the Bylaws will be conducted by poll on the members only Facebook group. If you are a qualifying retailer and have not yet joined and would like to partake in this vote, please read the instructions on the right as to how to join.

Are you a retailer that sells (non electronic) games? Do you operate out of a B&M store front? Then you too could join the GRA and help the GRA become a powerful tool in aiding and protecting your business interests. If you join now, you will also get to play an important role in the formation of the GRA and its formation. Jump on over to the Join page to sign up.

The GRA Formation Process

The GRA has a secific course layed out in front of it for its formation process. Through this process the association will formalize its structural rules and guidelines and will lay the roadmap for the important mission us retailers must task of it. We'll see the election of our first Board of Directors, ratify our founding documents and then can get busy representing the needs of independent game retails. Here is where we are:

Vote for the association name - Done
Vote for its mission statement - Done

Happening Now
Vote for the Bylaws Draft (provisionary)

Yet to Come
Membership Agreement Vote Nominations for the Board of Directors seats
Elections for the Board of Directors
BOD announces its membership positions
BOD ratifies the Mission Statement
BOD ratifies the Bylaws
BOD appoints the association officers

Full steam ahead!

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