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An Empires
of History

Game Search

Sign up for a new game:
Bid Amount: (35 - 110)
Game Speed: 7

--To sign up for a game chose a bid amount. This bid represents the # of Persian units you think you can kill if you play the Greeks. highest bidder play the Greeks and their bid # is how many Persians they must kill to win. Your bid will automatically be matched with the next player to submit a bid on the same game speed.

Games may be played as fast as the two players are able to submit turns. Turns update immediately after a player submits their turn. The next player may then immediately play their turn. Game Speed is the max time allowed to a player to submit their next game turn. i.e., if you sign up to a game with a speed of "1" (1 day), once your foe has submitted their turn, you will have the rest of that day plus the whole next day (until Midnight, EST) to submit your turn. If you fail to submit by deadline, you lose that game.

Note:While Thermopylae Online is new and still signing up a lot of new players, in order to allow players to get matched up quickly with opponents, we've defaulted Game Speed selection to "7".

Enhanced Membership, Invite a Friend function still under development and not functional yet. It is on Thermopylae's short "to do list".

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