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1483 Online Terms of Service
(User Agreement)

This is an agreement entered into between the Guild of Blades Publishing Group, herein to be referred to as "the Company" and yourself, a user of and any downloaded applications associated with or any other Empires of History Online Gaming Network programs. You agree that use of the website, website features and any downloaded applications are subject to the following rules and conditions. Creating an account on or through any Empires of History software constitutes your aggreement of this user agreement. Further, simply viewing web pages or images on or through Empires of History game software constitutes your agreement to the non liable portions of this agreement covered by under section 3 below. The Company reserves the right to make changes to this agreement at any time without your prior consent or any responsibility to notify you of such changes. As a user of and Thermopylae Online software it will be your responsibility to stay informed on Thermopylae Online user agreement changes which will always be posted to

Section 1: The Service

The Company will provide a website and may provide software designed to offer a game play experience for users of this agreement. As a function of this service, you agree that The Company may contact you by the methods you provide upon creating an account, for the purpose of providing you updates to the service or information required for you, as a user of the service, to be able to effectively continue using the service. The Company agrees to give you options on your membership pages where you may modify your mail preferences to accept as much or as little direct contact as desired, excepting vital system notices for which The Company reserves the right to contact you as a user of this system, for the duration of time for which you have an account. The Company will offer you a free means to log into the website where you may cancel your account on at any time, at which time The Company agrees to no longer send you system notices and updates.

As a part of the service The Company shall provide a users a number of game play credits. These credits may be used to participate as players or observers in games offered for users through or other websites designated by The Company as being a part of the service offered through this agreement. At this time such websites include:

Not all games or services offered through the above websites shall be available to all users. The Company reserves the right to restrict availability of services to any user for any reason, though the most common restriction shall be some games and services shall only be made available to users who upgrade from a free account to some form of paid account. Paid account options shall be detailed somewhere on the above mentioned websites.

The Company is under no obligation to provide game play opportunities or other services offered under this agreement to any user, unless such guarantees of service have been specifically offered through some other agreement (such as a paid membership agrement, for example). The Company is under no obligation to provide games or services to users with free accounts and such users are under no obligation to use any portion of the service offered or to perform any other task

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