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Thanks for setting up your account with 1483 Online. 1483 Online is the first game in the new Empires of History Gaming Network. With your Basic 1483 account you automatically have 3 game credits. This means you can play in three 1483 Online games at one time. If you are eliminated from one of those games, or a game is concluded, the game credit will become open and you will be able to join another game. Your 1483 Online basic membership is actually a basic membership to the Empires of History Gaming Network and will allow you to use your 3 game credit towards any free games offered on the network.

The Empires of History Game Network will be divided into two class of games: Free Games and Network Games. 1483 is a free game and more free games are planned to be added to the network. The first Network Game, Thermopylae Online, is currently in development and should be available for play within 2-3 months, perhaps less.

Upgrade Now! For a limited time, only $9.95 for the first year. -

Benefits of an Enhanced Membership

1) Your credits for FREE Games will be upgraded from 3 to 10.

2) You will receive 10 game credits for use with any Network Games.
Remember, credits do not expire. Merely 1 credit is tied up for each game you are participating in, and the credit becomes available again when that game is over or you have been eliminated from it.

3) We are in the process of revamping the mail system and adding new features. The new mail system will be a vast improvement for all players, but a couple features will only be available to Enhanced Members. These are the ability to BCC (blind carbon copy) messages to persons and the ability to create mailing lists and invite players to them.

4) The standard Empires of History Gaming Network subscription fee willbe $19.95 per year, but since we are still in testing and development of other games, for a limited time we're offering an Enhanced Membership for just $9.95! Further, if you subscribe now you will get all benefits that are currently available (and others as they are developed), but your year of membership will not begin counting down until two full months after we make Thermopylae ONline available for play.

5) 10% discount on all Guild of Blades Publishing physical games and gaming products. We will build a members only stores that will be available here on and with the applicable discounts. Until then, if you are interested in buying any Guild of Blades products with your 10% discount, contact and we can make arrangements.

Upgrade Now! For a limited time, only $9.95 for the first year. -

Note: Upgrading players to Enhanced Membership status is not yet an automated process of this site, but we are working on it. So after making payment, please give us up to one day to manually add your bonus credits to your account. Even after upgrading, until we can automate this system, your account will show your bonus credits, but will still say you have a basic membership.

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