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Thermopylae Videos

Greetings. On this page you will find video content covering a number of different functions and areas of interest.

Video Tutorials

Greek Army Placement
Persian Camp
Range Striking

Strategic Essays on Video

The Guild of Blades will be presenting Strategic Essays in video format for Thermopylae, offered by several members of our staff. We, however, also encourage all of our players to share your strategic ideas for playing the Persian and Greek sides. If you have a cam corder or a screen capture program and a micro phone, go ahead and record your thoughts on video and send them to us. E-mail Us and we can send you instructions on how to get your video content to us. If you have content on tape and no way to make it digital you can send those tapes to us and we'll convert them for you. Send tapes to:

Guild of Blades Publishing Group
C/O Strategic Essays
409 Amesbury Dr
Davison, MI 48423, USA

Sorry, we can not return video submissions to you.

Videos About Thermopylae

If you have any videos about the Battle of Thermopylae, reenactments, or any other elements pertaining to the battle, the site, of any of the elements of the armies that were present at the battle, we would love to display them here. (see above for submission instructions).

Note: Videos may not display properly current in Firefox. Try using Internet Explorer.

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